Friday, September 14, 2007

Halloween Will Soon Be Here!!!

We are starting to plan our annual Halloween party, so I thought I would post some pictures from last year to get everybody in the mood. The theme for last year was Egypt: Cleopatra, slaves, roman soldiers, mummies, pyramids (yes, we had a pyramid attend the party last year).

We are still in the process of planning for this year, but the theme will be the Wild West and as in years past it is not required that you dress up according to the theme, but it is fun to see what everybody comes up with.

The party this year will likely be on the Saturday before Halloween, Oct. 27th. Again, these are not final plans, and I will be posting some more info in a week or so.

Jana as an Egyptian Queen and Nate as an Egyptian farmer/peasant

Standing with our Hieroglyphic man

Dad, Olivia as a ladybug and Nate

Mom and Dad

Gina and Westin as a mummy

Denny and Debbie bring the Renaissance to Ancient Egypt

Romans and Belly Dancers - Stephanie as Cleopatra holding mummified Westin

Pumpkin Carving

Pumpkin carving is a serious art!

Cute little pumpkins!

Dad, Olivia, Emma (she was a lion/leopard), Ardi, Autumn, Alec (as a Power Ranger), Nate

The finished and lite lanterns

More Jack-O-Lanterns

All lite up!


Janelle said...

We will really miss your halloween party this year. One big negative about moving so far away!! You both are so creative, it makes it so fun! :) We'll be thinking of ya!

Shaun said...

Hey, Gina gave us your blog address. Nate, I was a bit surprised to see you dressed up like that, funny.