Thursday, August 16, 2007

My final posting of Ireland Pics

Picnic lunch during our day of biking

The two of us, why am I squinting so badly, it is not that sunny!

Nate posing for another delightful picture, the camera loves him!

After the accident

I enhanced this photo so you can see what is left of the front tire.

Drinking a Hot Toddy @ Bushmills distillery.
Nate doesn't much care for whiskey!

I got a Coke, but I tried Nate's and didn't think it tasted that bad.

Barrels of Whiskey! These ones are just for looks, but we couldn't get pictures of the real barrels 'cause you can't use your cameras inside the warehouses, they are afraid of potential sparks!

Carrick-a-Rede Roap Bridge.

Nate is a little more cautious coming across!

Fisherman would use a more primitive version of this bridge to cross
to this island and catch salmon from it's rocky shores.

It is 80 ft. down to the water.

Just checking the wind while we were hiking around the
Giants Causeway.

Thought this was cute!

We hiked along the top ridge, then took the path down,
then walked along the bottom.

The Giant's Organ.

The Giant's Boot, looks like a Smurf shoe

We used night photography to take this shot the last night we were in Ireland.

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